The Bachelor of Education Programme, generally known as B.Ed., is a professional course offered for those interested in pursuing career in teaching & prepares teachers for upper primary or middle level (class VI – VIII), secondary (class IX-X) and senior secondary (Class XI-XII) levels.

Syllabus For Bachelor of Education Two -Years Course
Annual Distribution of the Courses
Year 1
Course 1 Childhood and Growing Up 100 Marks
Course 2 Contemporary India and Education 100 Marks
Course 3 Learning and Teaching 100 Marks
Course 4 Language across the Curriculum (1/2) 50 Marks
Course 5 Understanding Disciplines and Subjects (1/2) 50 Marks
Course 6 Gender, School and Society (1/2) 50 Marks
Course 7a Pedagogy of a School Subject-Part I (1/2) 50 Marks
Course EPC1 Reading and Reflecting on Text(1/2) 50 Marks
Course EPC2 Drama and Art in Education (1/2) 50 Marks
Course EPC3 Critical Understanding of ICT(1/2) 50 Marks
Engagement with the field Task and Assignments for Courses 1-6 & 7a Total = 60 Marks
Year 2
Course 7b Pedagogy of a School Subject Part II (1/2) 50 Marks
Course 8 Knowledge and Curriculum 100 Marks
Course 9 Assessment for Learning 100 Marks
Course 10 Creating an Inclusive School (1/2) 50 Marks
Course 11 Optical Course * (1/2) 50 Marks
Course EPC4 Understanding the Self(1/2) 50 Marks
School Internship 150 Marks
Practical Exam Pedagogy of a School Subject -A
Pedagogy of a School Subject-B
50 Marks
50 Marks
Engagement with the field : Task and Assignments for Courses 7b & 8-10 Total = 650 Marks

Curriculum Transactions

1. Total Number of working days - 200 days
2. Minimum Attendance for course wirk - 80%
3. Attendance for School internship - 90%
4. Internship in schools (minimum period) - 20 weeks
  - In First year - 04 weeks
  - In Second year - 16 weeks

Note : The internship should include an intial phase of one week for observing a regular classroom with regular teacher and would also include peer observations, teacher observations and faculty observation of practice lessons. Student Teacher will observe at least 10 lessons in each pedagogy school subject (Cource 7a & 7b).

Choice of Method Subjects
The college offers the following subjects as method

Subjects Papers
Language Hindi, English
Social Science History, Civics, Geography, Economics, Commerce & Home Sc.
Science & Maths Physical Science, Biological Science & Mathematics