Vision & Mission


We aim to nurture students in an atmosphere of intellectual vigor and moral rectitude. We want to make teachers who have knowledge, are honest and devoted, who can approach communication with a critical sense and early themselves with patience and integrity. The youth of Jharkhand may find their fulfillment achieve success and contribute constructively towards the development of nation. Our constant endeavor is to provide a safe secure & conducive learning environment to those who aspire to gain from higher education. We try to educate young minds to be competent, committed & compassionate citizens who can respond thoughtfully & responsibly to the challenges of ever changing world. Sarv Dharma Sambhav is the vision of Shaswat Institute of Teacher’s Education through which value based education is imparted.


Shaswat Institute of Teacher’s Education is committed to providing holistic education that brings transformation of body mind & spirit. We strive for academic excellence but also focus on engaging our students in co curricular activities for all round development of the personality. We facilitated ethical higher learning while nurturing a sense of social responsibility, gender sensitivity, environment, sustainability & an optimistic outlook towards life. Shaswat Institute of Teacher’s Education will provide all students with a well balanced, carefully structured & affordable education to develop to the fullest potential of their inquiring minds.